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This is the perfect window well cover for kids and pets! 

If safety is your number one concern, this is the window well grate for you. It keeps debris, garbage, branches, and leaves out of your window wells while providing a flat surface that anyone can walk on.

The Mesh Cover uses an expanded metal top, and the diamond pattern is 2.5” x 1”.

Regular price: $268. On sale now for just $189! 

It gets better . . . Mesh Covers are only $159 each when you order 2 or more!

For colors other than Black, there will be a $20/cover extra fee.

A $75/cover down payment is required to ensure your spot on our production calendar!


A great looking window well cover that compliments any landscape! 

The Classic Window Well Cover has a classier, more decorative look that coordinates with your house and yard. It is ideal for strength and durability. 

The tubing in our Classic Window Well Cover is placed 1 ½” apart.

Regular price: $278. On sale now for $199!

For colors other than Black, there will be a $20/cover extra fee.

A $75/cover down payment is required to ensure your spot on our production calendar!

Poly Carbonate

Perfect for keeping out debris, rain, and snow.

If you live in an area with high wind or excessive moisture, you will love this window well cover. Our Polycarbonate Window Well Cover has a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against yellowing or cracking and is infused with UV protectant to help it last longer. 

The Polycarbonate Cover is built with a 1.5″ incline at the center of the back bar. 

Regular price: $298. On sale now for $219!

For colors other than Black, there will be a $20/cover extra fee.

A $75/cover down payment is required to ensure your spot on our production calendar!

Our Process – It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Purchase your window well cover online.
  2. Our technician will contact you to arrange a time for templating.
  3. Our technician will contact you when your window well covers are finished to arrange a time for installation (generally about 3 weeks)

Utah’s Leader in Custom Window Well Covers

Kids. Animals. Debris. Rain. Snow. Curb Appeal. 

There are many reasons why you need to cover your window wells. 

With custom window well covers from Diamondback Manufacturing, you can rest assured knowing that your window wells are safe, strong, and reliable. 

From window well grates to polycarbonate covers, all of our covers are fully custom and built to last. 

Why Custom Window Well Covers?

Not all window wells are created equal. Although your window wells may have started as a standard size, they likely moved and shifted as your home was being built. This will affect the size and fit of your window well grates. 

Truly Custom

Many of our competitors claim that their covers are custom built. However, most of them simply build covers to a pre-set size. These covers fit on the OUTSIDE of the well and can easily slide off.

Our window well covers are specific to each window well. We send a service technician out to every home to create a cardboard template of your window wells before we start building the covers. 

All of our covers are fit using the InnerFIT system. This means that the edge of your window well cover will fit on the INSIDE of your window well with a 2” angle iron frame, giving it the strength to hold up to 750 lbs.

Your new window well covers will fit perfectly and will become a permanent fixture for your home. 

Unique Situations

If you have a unique situation, such as windows that are taller than your wells, we will offer recommendations to protect the windows.

Powder Coating 

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our window well grates are powder coated, giving them extra durability against the elements. 

First, they go through a cleaning process. Second, they receive a zinc primer powder bathing. Finally, a powder coated topcoat is added.

Window well grates come in black, brown, white, or gray. 


You will have the option to add additional accessories, such as vertical or horizontal type backings, easy access ladders, and quick release panic lockdown systems. 

Depending on the size and style of the window well cover, we can build a hatch that allows you to push off and climb out without taking off the entire well. 

Size and Pricing

Our window well covers come at a standard price (for windows less than 7 feet). See below for pricing. 

If you have a window well that is larger than 7 feet, please contact us for a custom estimate. 

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